Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Koricancha

The Native stonework wall provides the foundation for the convent that the Spanish built in Cuzco.

The Qoricancha sun temple in Cuzco, showing the original exterior wall and a Spanish colonial convent. The original rooms are preserved within the convent.

The altar of sacrifice in the Qoricancha, this proves that it was a temple.

Koricancha doorway.

Door to the star temple.

An Inca gold plate symbolizing their relationship to the sun.

The doorway of the Koricancha Sun Temple. It was once entirely covered with gold plates and the holes had jewels in them. It was the doorway to the stars which the jewels represented.

The Inca Sun Temple - the Koricancha. The Nephites had to leave the land of their first inheritance and travel many days northwards to found a new city and build a Temple.

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