Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Bee god and god K, diety of the day and night sun

A Rain Jaguar from Teotihuacan with sea shells, birds, and bees with the rain flowers. (Color by MJA Studio).

The Sun deity god K with framed insectoid eyes and protruding tongue.

Rio Azul blue jade mask from a tomb. Note the strange spiral eyes and the pointed tongue, does it represent the tongue of a bee?

Campeche, Hochob ruins on the Yucatan penninsula near Edzna.

Note that the eyes have no pupils, are they bee eyes?

The Sun god from Edzna, note the insectoid eyes.

The Sun god, god K - note the crossed eyes, compare to the Bee god. Is that pollen under his eyes?

The Bee god with the Old god, taken from a Mayan codex. Note the crossed eyes of the Bee.

"Jade head of Ahaw K'in. The Sun God was a popular
subject for Mayan jades, perhaps reflecting a sunlike
quality perceived as characteristic of jade Ahaw K'in, the Sun God
The Sun God, called Awah K'in (or Kinich Ahau), is sometimes equated with Itzamna, though he is younger in appearance. Sun during the day, he becomes the Jaguar God of the Underworld during the night.
Maya kings, like many other kings, often identified with the Sun God."
Note the crossed eyes.

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