Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Bees and the "X"

"A ceremony that is performed when moving the bees from the hive" - note the torch that he is carrying to smoke the bees. From a Mayan codex.

Coba Crossroads Temple - Quintana Roo Yucatan - does this structure represent a beehive? Yucatan was famous for its honey and wax production.

The hero twins hiding in two tree trunks (used as beehives) from the gods of the Underworld. A still from the animation of "The Popul-Vuh".

The complete page from the Dresden Codex which illustrates the bees. Note on the top section by the individual bees, in the frame of each section there is an "X" glyph. Cleary, the "X" is the sign of the bee.

The Dresden Codex - "The gods making sacrifices to the bees." Note the 3rd bee image, he has an "X" on his head, it is the sign of the sacred bees. On this 3rd bee, we see the back of his head because his antennae are pointing downwards. Does the "X" on his head also stand for the 4 quarters of the earth which the bee roams? There are dots in the 4 quarters of the "X".

Quirigua, Guatemala zoomorph boulder, note the "X"s used for the eys of the Earth Monster.

Note the "X"s on the hive - the sign of the bees. Do the "X"s stand for the BZZZZ of the bees?

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