Monday, February 27, 2012

Maya Region - Round Calendars

Copan - stela carving of a ruler with a round altar. Several round altars are calendar stones.

Diagram of the Mayan universe.

Mayan textiles.

Mayan altar in a cave - Quintana Roo on the Mayan Riviera.

Mayan skywatcher gazing at a certain character of the zodiac.

Deer hanging from the sky as Mars - Mayan codex.
"According to Linda Schele the names are: Aries (Kuc= Quetzal), Libra (Xoc = shark) Taurus (Kuh = owl), Scorpius (Sinan-Ek'=scorpion) Gemini (Ak-Ek'=turtle), Sagitarrius (Chan= rattlesnake), Capricorn (Balam= jaguar), Cancer (Ok= dog?), Pisces (Zotz= bat), Virgo (Chitam= peccary)."

The Mayan Solar Calendar.

The Mayan Zodiac.

The Aztec Calendar.

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