Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Chan Chan, Hohokam, Easter Island

Recent excavations on Easter Island show that the giant heads have bodies.

The Easter Island statues which appear similar to the Chachapoya cliff guardians below. Are they also protectors of the dead? Many times a local island is used for rites of the ancestors. Easter Island lies off the coast of Chile.

From Peru, the Cloud People - the Chachapoya who buried their ancestors up in cliff caves. These statues are the guardians of the ancestors. Note the similar facial type compared to the Hohokam effigy jar below. Even the red-on-buff paint is the same.

Hohokam effigy jar found at Snaketown ruins in southern Arizona, note the face - it is similar in structure to the Chan Chan statues.

Chan Chan statues and wall - Trujillo, Peru.

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