Tuesday, January 10, 2012

King Pacal of Palenque

The god of trade, god L, puffing on his cigar. Comets were said to be the discarded cigars of the gods thrown across the sky. There is an association between comets and cigars, are comets used to light the cigars of the dieties?

Pacal`s Principle Bird, what is that he is chewing on? Note that is has a tail hanging from it, are they ribbons symbolizing the tail of a comet?

The vase of the 7 gods. I`ve always wondered what the Principle Bird atop Pacal`s World Tree was holding in his mouth. On this vase a similar object is being used by god L to light his cigar! (Click to enlarge). This object has a tail hanging from it, does this represent the tail of a comet?

Best colored image of the Pacal carving. I would suggest that the influence is the other way around, it`s the influence of Palenque in India.

The double-headed serpent on the cross/tree. These 2 serpent heads are called "makaras" in other parts of the world. The World Tree with 2 Makaras topped by the "Priciple Bird" is a theme that is also found across the Pacific.

The tomb of Pacal in Palenque, Guatemala.

The lid of the sarcophagus of King Pacal. The double-headed serpent on the vertical represents the ecliptic which is the orbit of the moon and the planets. The vertical "tree" symbolizes the Tree of Life which is the Milky Way. The corn springs from where they intersect.

"Its roots were in the underworld, its trunk in the middle world, and its branches in the highest layer of the other world. The tree represents the Milky Way. ..."

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