Monday, January 9, 2012


Map - Hochob - Chenes style. (Click to enlarge).

"Hochob: Structure II as it appeared in 1895
This photo, published by Teobert Maler in 1895, shows how the building looked before the area above the door completely collapsed.
David Potter notes that there are two realistic human faces located at the two upper corners of the central facade, i.e., above the laticed towers that form the edges of the central structure. He notes that these faces are easily missed; I believe they are completely gone by now as I am unable to see them in any of my own photos.
David Potter, Maya Architecture of the Central Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico, p. 107."

The faces are still there and are of a different type than those of the Palenque facial type.

Note makaras at the top cormers of the doorway.

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