Saturday, September 24, 2011

Native Faces

Mayan textile vendor holding her designs.

Museo de las Americas, Madrid - Mayan face.

"Hinepare, a woman of the Ngāti Kahungunu tribe. Shows a half-length portrait of a Maori woman wearing a hei-tiki around her neck, pounamu earring and shark tooth earring, and two huia feathers in her hair. She wears a cloak with black fringe border, and has a moko design on her chin."

Pacific Northwest salmon celebration - dancer from the Coquilla tribe.

North American Native American flute player.

Compare this Native face from Amazonia to the Olmec heads.

Natives from the Amazon rain forest.

The Great Hornbill in flight.

The Great Hornbill.

Nagaland the Great Hornbill festival.

Naga girl, India.

Nagaland India.

Nagaland Semas at the Great Hornbill festival, tribal area - India.

Sumi tribe northeast India.

Eastern India tribal.



Naga Tribe, India.

Northeast India.

Maori Native from New Zealand - compare to the Olmec facial type.

Native Americans from Tierra del Fuego, South America.

Festival in India.

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