Thursday, September 1, 2011

Maya - Copan - Honduras

The heiroglyphic stairway of Copan in Honduras.

A Guayacama, the national bird of Honduras - the red macaw.

Detail from the Rosalia Temple, note the jaguar paw gloves.

Copan - reconstruction of Rosalia temple which was discovered within another temple that had been built over it, it still bore the original red paint. Temples were redone to commemortate the cycles of the Mayan calendar, new pyramids were built over the older ones.

Copan - the bat gylph. Copan was named after the bat.

Copan in Honduras. Above is Yucatan, called "the east wilderness" by the Nephites who settled there and "built it up in their own particular style". It had remained a wilderness because there are no rivers or lakes there, the water is far underground.

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